Hi Everyone! My name is Francine but you can call me Frankie! Ever since I’ve been little I have had a passion for creating. Whether is arts and crafts or building something in the garage with my dad. Currently were working on building an obstacle course in my backyard. It may be a bit difficult for me to cross at first, because of my cerebral palsy, but I know with hard work and determination I can do whatever I put my mind to.

I was born with cerebral palsy, which is why I wear my AFOs. Cerebral means brain and palsy means loss of movement. Because I have cerebral palsy, my brain has a harder time controlling my legs than other kids. But my AFOs help me! AFO means ankle foot orthotic, which is basically a big plastic boot I wear on the inside of my shoes to help me stand and walk. I also wear hearing aids. This is because sometimes people with cerebral palsy can lose their ability to hear. That’s ok though, because with my hearing aids I am still able to hear like most kids!