Hello peeps! My name is Dakota and I love spending my free time reading and writing. My favorite stories to work on are fantasies about a girl like me who is unstoppable and always finds a way to save the day. Sometimes I get sad that I can’t do the things in my story because of my spina bifida. But I keep myself happy knowing that I can use my stories to help cheer up people like me.

I was born with Spina bifida. Which means that before I was born, my spine did not develop correctly. Because of this I need to use my crutches and KAFOs to help me stand and walk. KAFO stands for knee ankle foot orthoses which are like big plastic boots that go up my entire leg, giving me more support. Wearing these braces doesn’t stop me from being happy. I know that I can still do whatever I put my mind to and that I can help other kids like me by spreading my story.