Mickey's Mission
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Creating dolls for those unrepresented


Our Mission

Imagine being a child and being excluded from a game of tag because you seem different. Imagine opening a magazine, watching a TV show, or shopping for toys yet not being able to find anyone or anything that looks like you. Every child is unique and every child should be represented in the real world.

Our mission is to normalize the idea that not everyone looks the same or acts the same and that’s ok.

Our Goals

First, We want every kid to see themselves represented as a toy and we want to contribute to the idea that anything you put your mind to, you can achieve.

Second, We want Mickey’s Mission to be a voice to young kids, spreading joy, educating others, promoting creativity, and teaching understanding.

And Finally, we want your help. Explore our website and visit our social media accounts to learn how you can help create the first line of dolls.

No matter your age, your gender, your ability, help us spread our mission that: Everybody can do everything

01. Representation

02. Creativity

03. Inclusion

04. Joy


“My mission is to normalize the idea that not everyone looks the same or acts the same, and thats ok.”

Mikaela Nelson  |  Founder


Our History

The idea for Mickey’s Mission came after our founder, Mikaela, read an online blog in which a mother explained how she couldn’t find a toy that resembled her daughter, who was born with an above the elbow amputation. This got Mikaela curious, she typed into google “doll with prosthetic limb,” and quickly realized that there were no results showcasing a modernized doll with prostheses. She saw multiple custom dolls that kids had made for themselves where they were taping pen caps and pencils to the end of a barbie in hopes they could create something that resembled their own leg. This quick search proved that there was a clear need in the market for inclusive dolls and it was at this moment that she realized that she was going to be the one to fix it.

Mickey’s Mission started as a doll customizing service. Parents would send in photos of their child and would pick out a doll they would want customized. After customizing dolls for a few years, requests started to come in for dolls with burns scars, trach tubes, etc. In an effort to create something unique to Mickey’s Mission and a doll that could be further customized than an off the shelf doll, research into creating custom Mickey’s Mission doll began.

After researching doll manufacturing, the most affordable and most efficient form of creating a custom doll was determined for us to be 3D printing. With the help of friends and family, money was raised to purchase a 3D printer and hire a freelance 3D artist to help get started modeling a doll. Now, thanks to support from multiple awards and grants, we are completely modeling/printing dolls and accessories on our own. Currently we are in the process of expanding Mickey’s Mission to reach more people in hope to be able to provide dolls to children and adults everywhere.


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